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chief secretary’s report inadvertently lands govt in further trouble

patna,(bihartimes): chief secretary anup mukherjee’s report has, perhaps inadvertently, landed the nitish government in further trouble so far biada land allotment case is concerned.
any common reader of the report, now available on the net, would be able to know how fast land plots were allotted to the wards of the vips while the application of other entrepreneurs are still pending though months have passed.

if bureaucracy really starts functioning at such a tremendous pace in bihar it would certainly be a number one state in just a couple of years.

take for example the case of m/s rfa company of rahmat fatima amanullah, daughter of social justice minister parveen amanullah and water resources department secretary afzal amanullah. she applied for a two-acre land in the bihiya industrial area in bhojpur district only on may 24, 2011. the project clearance committee (pcc) of bihar industrial area development authority (biada) took up the matter the same day and cleared it. on june 17, 2011, she was given the allotment of land.

rahul kumar, son of jehanabad janata dal (united) mp jagdish sharma and himself the party mla from ghosi, did not lag much behind. he applied for 15,500 sq ft of land in hajipur industrial area for his firm m/s devlok beverages ltd on july 28, 2010. he is the director of the company. on august 13, his proposal was cleared, and he was given allotment the same day. like rahmat, rahul too has an mba degree.

urvashi shahi, daughter of hrdminister prashant kumar sahi, is managing trustee, of the maitreya education trust. on march 9, 2011, she applied for a two-acre plot at export promotion industrial park, hajipur. the pcc took up this application on march 16 and cleared it. the next day, the allotment was made. it is worth mentioning that both urvashi and rahmat got their plots only after one of their parents became minister in the nitish kumar cabinet in november last year.

interestingly, the chief secretary has made a note of the prompt clearances received by these beneficiaries. it says that their high qualifications facilitated the quick allotment.it said that rahmat amanullah, after having done her mba, has worked for mahindra & mahindra for seven years.rahul kumar apparently made the grade for his pg in marketing and hr and his two-year experience.

it needs to be noted that out of the seven allotments scrutinised, six including the three mentioned above were allotted plots within a month of applying. their applications were cleared in just one meeting of the biada pcc. it is true biada norms do not stipulate any time-frame for allotment of land, yet the fact is that a large number of cases of common entrepreneurs are still lying pending, perhaps because they did not have the right connections.

till july 15, 2011, over 200 applications were pending with it. about two dozen of these cases had been taken up by the pcc and deferred for the next meeting.

in case of 62 entrepreneurs who applied for plots in bhagalpur, none was lucky to get clearance at the first meeting. sixty-four applications are pending in the muzaffarpur region. the case of m/s high solid door, which applied on december 21, 2010, was considered on march 16, 2011, but no decision has yet been taken.

similarly, the application of m/s hi-tech construction pvt. ltd applied for a plot in aurangabad district, on august 9, 2010. it has been considered by three pccs and deferred for the next meeting.

perhaps, these guys are not as highly qualified as the wards of the ministers, leaders and senior bureaucrats.





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