Bihar minister Nitish Mishra caught in a time-warp

Patna,(BiharTimes): Political observers are surprised over the way the Bihar minister of rural development, Nitish Mishra, gave a totally new twist to the ‘Rs 6,000 crore MNREGA scam’.
While speaking in the state Assembly on Monday he said that the Centre for Environment and Food Security (CEFS) had come out with the report to tarnish the image of the chief minister Nitish Kumar, whose name had been included in the list of 100 global thinkers by US journal, Foreign Policy.

But the minister failed to cross-check the fact as the CEFS report came two days before the news of the Foreign Policy honour became public.

“The timing of the CEFS release can be questioned. But what had it to do with the Foreign Policy honour for Nitish. While the CEFS report came out on Nov 24, the news about US journal came on Nov 26, that is two days later. How can then the timing be questioned,” a political commentator asked.

“What is more shocking is that it was only after CEFS report that Nitish Mishra had informed the media that the state government would probe the matter. It is only after that report that 110 panchayat rozgar sevaks were sacked and action taken against many others. Why did not these actions taken before the CEFS report,” he asked.




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