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how do i get paid to write book reviews on amazon

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how do i get paid to write book reviews on amazon

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how do i get paid to write book reviews on amazon

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nitish takes u-turn, asks why so obsessed with narendra modi?

patna,(bihartimes): bihar chief minister nitish kumar, who has a number of times in the recent past, made it clear his stand against gujarat chief minister took a totally different stand while participating in agenda aaj tak programme on december 6, the day babri masjid was demolished two decades ago.

“why so obsessed with modi?” was how he reacted when as audience in the programme asked him a question on the gujarat chief minister.

nitish was finding it difficult to avoid questions about narendra modi and tried to deflect the discussion to governance in his state.

on being asked to lead at the national level and not just bihar, he said, he was not anywhere in the race for the post of the prime minister for the 2014 elections.

“you called me in my capacity as bihar's chief minister and that is my domain,” he said.

on prime ministerial candidates for 2014, he asked the media not to delve too much into this since both congress and bjp had not finalized a candidate yet. but he said he was sure that the next party that comes to power would be an alliance since it was impossible for one party to get all the votes

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