Efforts on to construct reservoirs in North Bihar


Patna,(BiharTimes): Efforts are being made by the Centre for long term measures like construction of reservoirs in upper catchment areas of North Bihar rivers with the cooperation of Nepal.


The Union Water Resources Minister Harish Rawat told the Rajya Sabha recently that after exchange of letter of Understanding between the two governments in June 2004, a Joint Project Office (JPO) was set up in August 2004 to undertake detailed field investigations for preparation of DPR of Sapt-Kosi High Dam Project at Barakshetra, in Nepal. The field investigations include the field works of Sun-Kosi diversion scheme (constructing a dam at Kurule so that the Sun-Kosi water could be diverted to the Kamla basin through a tunnel) in the scope of work of JPO.

In Kamla basin, a dam coupled with a barrage was envisaged and included in the scope of study by the JPO. Due to local problems, the field investigations are delayed.

Other measures are also being considered by government to improve the situation and flood vulnerability in Bihar.

During 11th Plan period, central assistance of Rs 680.8 crores was provided to Bihar for river management, flood control, anti-erosion, drainage developments and restoration of damaged flood management works under a state sector scheme, namely, “Flood Management Programme (FMP)”. The Working Group on Flood Management and Region Specific Issues for 12th Plan constituted by Planning Commission has recommended continuation of FMP during 12th Plan.

The embankments along Bagmati, Kamla, Lalbakeya and Khando rivers are being strengthened on Indian side and extended from India Nepal border to high ground in Nepal to prevent spilling of flood water from Nepal side in protected area in Bihar.

Expenditure by government of Bihar on maintenance of flood protection works for protection works in Nepal portion of Kosi river is fully reimbursed by government of India.

The minister also said that basin-wise comprehensive Plans for flood management has been sent to government of Bihar for taking up follow up actions on both long term and short term measures.





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