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social welfare dept returns rs 218.17 crore after failing to build anganwadi centres


patna,(bihartimes): the state government had returned rs 218.17 crore to the centre following the failure of all the district administrations to acquire land for anganwadi centres in the district.

under the irdf-17 programme of the central government one anganwadi centre was to be built in each district of the state. but they could not be built because of the failure to procure land before the expiry of the deadline.

in some districts government school premises were chosen to build anganwadi centres. but when the school authorities opposed it, the idea had to be abandoned.

at last the social welfare department sought at least half cottah of land in each district for this purpose, but even that much land could not be made available.

social welfare minister parween amanullah, while talking to a section of press, said that her department made all out efforts in this regard, but failed to get land forcing it to surrender the heavy amount of rs 2.18.17 crore to the centre.

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