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amazon and 1 star reviews

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amazon and 1 star reviews

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amazon and 1 star reviews

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step-son suspected to be involved in killing of woman, her two daughters


patna,(bihartimes): the patna police has launched a manhunt to nab one of the stepsons of alina singh, the woman who along with her two daughters, were found murdered at their home in patna on saturday. a rod used in the murders has been seized.

devesh, alias rinku, is gopal singh’s son from his first marriage, and is the main suspect. he lives in delhi and runs a coaching business.

a team of police reached delhi on sunday in this regard.

according to the police, gopal singh has said that devesh confessed to him about having committed the murders out of revenge. devesh was allegedly upset that his father gave sonali and purnima more attention. the relationship of alina with the two step-sons was not good.

devesh, who took a train to delhi with his father on friday, is absconding.

gopal singh told the police devesh committed the murders before boarding the train and reached the railway station late. he spilled the beans when he saw his father making frantic calls home and getting no response.

gopal singh’s eldest daughter, kamali, is married and stays in patna.

a senior police official, who wished not to be quoted, said gopal singh wanted to give a plot to kamali during her marriage. but divesh opposed his father’s decision. the family dispute over the said plot of land lingered.

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