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get paid to do reviews on amazon

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get paid to do reviews on amazon

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nitish applauds kunal, inaugurates ma shyama janaki mithila bhawan


patna,(bihartimes): applauding the chairman of bihar state board of religious trusts, acharya kishore kunal, for his temple economy initiative which has resulted in the setting up of mahavir cancer sansthan and mahavir vatsalya aspatal in patna chief minister nitish kumar said it was marvellous example of how the income of temple could be used for philanthropic works.

while inaugurating ma shyama janaki mithila bhawan constructed from former mlc sanjay jha’s mlc fund beside the local shyama temple complex in darbhanga on sunday he
urged kumal to streamline the functioning of other temples also and take up the control of this mithila bhawan, which will be used for solemnizing marriages by the local people and from those of nepal who flock to shyama temple to solemnize weddings.

mithila bhawan has been handed over to goddess shyama temple nyas samiti.

coming to the mode of management of the temple, the chief minister said cash offerings at the temple should be used for providing services to the people.

nitish said hanuman mandir near patna railway station is the second richest temple of north india and offerings made here were used to construct mahavir cancer sansthan for cancer patients and mahavir vatsalya aspatal for children and eye hospital. the chief minister said he got his eyes checked at the eye hospital.

he requested kunal to train the managements of other temples of the state to use offerings for the benefit of common people.

nitish thanked sanjay jha for the mithila bhawan and lnmu vc s p singh for providing university land for it.

the cm announced that poor families will not be charged for using
the bhawan.

however, nitish did not miss the opportunity to raise the demand of special category status for bihar.

speaking on the occasion kunal said for all marriage solemninsed in the marriage hall, brides would get a pair of saris from the mahavir mandir nyas.

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