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sushil modi congratulated gujarat cm a day ahead of result


patna,(bihartimes): bjp leaders of bihar on thursday were simply ecstatic over the party’s victory in gujarat under leadership of narendra modi. though in the process they forgot to recall that the party has lost himachal pradesh.

the deputy chief minister, sushil kumar modi, went to the extent of stating that he rang up narendra modi a day ahead of election result to congratulate him for the victory which was a foregone conclusion.

he said the bjp has registered a hat-trick in gujarat due to honest and progressive leadership of chief minister narendra modi.

however, sushil modi said that so far the nominee for the prime minister post is concerned it would be chosen at an appropriate time.

the deputy chief minister said narendra modi thanked bjp leaders and workers from bihar for working for victory of the party in his state.

on himachal pradesh defeat sushil modi said it appeared that the party failed to make people aware of the development work under the leadership of prem kumar dhumal. the party would review the poll outcome in hp and draw up future strategy.

state unit bjp chief dr c p thakur, while hailing the victory, said that “the stature of narendra modi within bjp has definitely gone up after scoring a hat-trick.”

health minister ashwini choubey claimed that even muslims voted for modi. so it would be wrong to say that modi is communal. he gave credit to the party for the victory.

meanwhile, state jd(u) chief, vashist narayan singh, said bjp’s victory in gujarat would strengthen nda at the national level. this astounding victory proves the anti-congress trend among masses in the country.

on jd(u)'s performance--which fought separately and won just one seat in gujarat--he said the party would take this opportunity to expand itself in that state.

once again on narendra modi becoming pm candidate, singh said there was no point talking about it at this juncture. the bigger party has an important role in a coalition and the nda pm candidate will be selected at right time.

he hastened to add that his party had already made its stand on nda’s prime ministerial candidate clear, that is, the nominee should have a secular image from a bigger party within the coalition, and which was sympathetic towards a developing state like bihar.

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