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509 out of 524 middle schools in araria have no headmaster


patna,(bihartimes): can there be anything worse than this so far education in bihar is concerned? only 15 out of 524 middle schools in bihar’s araria district have headmasters while the rest 509 are running headless. the situation in these 97 per cent schools can only be imagined.

what is more shocking is that not a single middle school in bhargama and palasi block has a headmaster.

non-implementation of the departmental promotion policy for the last 10 years are the factors responsible for this situation. reports said that the files containing the promotion proposals of the teachers are gathering dust in the district. the situation in many other districts are not very encouraging too.

till 2008 there were 173 middle schools in the district. however, 351 primary schools were upgraded to the middle school level in 2008-2009. but they were upgraded without providing any basic infrastructure like adequate staff, classrooms, etc.

a media report said that there are only four middle schools in forbesganj, one at narpatganj, one at sikty, one at jokihat, three in raniganj and four in araria block which have a headmaster. there appears to be a mad rush among the teachers for being nominated as teacher in-charge or the headmaster in charge so that allotments for developmental fund and mid-day meal (mdm) grains are made.

reports also said that a four-member committee was constituted recently to look into promotional files of the teachers who can be promoted to the headmaster scale. the establishment section of the district education office (deo) is being directly handled by the district education officer (deo), araria, himself. district programme officer (dpo) basant kumar told reporters only 90 teachers can be promoted to the rank of headmaster.

according to the district magistrate m sarvanan it is a serious matter and immediate actions are being taken to see that files relating to promotions gathering dust for the last 10 years are cleared at the earliest under department rules and regulations

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