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nitish mum over narendra modi’s victory


patna,(bihartimes): more than 24 hours have passed yet the bihar chief minister nitish kumar has not congratulated his gujarat counterpart, narendra modi, nor has he made any comment on the victory of bjp in gujarat and defeat in himachal pradesh.

the media tried to seek his reaction both on thursday and friday but nitish refused to make any comment. he told the mediapersons that he would call them later to say something on the issue.

only the janata dal (united) state party chief vashist narayan singh said on thursday that modi’s victory would consolidate the nda.

why is nitish taking so much time to say anything when the janata dal (united) is running government in alliance with bjp and when he had a very good relationship with modi even after the 2002 riots remained a mystery. after all many congressmen had congratulated modi on his victory.

bjp national spokesperson rajiv pratap rudy said “i am sure nitishji will not shy away from congratulating narendra modi.”

but a jd(u) leader has something else to explain. “even modi had not congratulated nitish after the 2010 bihar assembly election victory,” he said.

political observers are of the view that if nitish is trying to create drama over the issue to show that he hates modi because of 2002 riots he is overplaying the muslim card. muslims are well aware of his relationship with the bjp and modi.

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