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How much does Amazon Pay for work from home

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How much does Amazon Pay for work from home

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How much does Amazon Pay for work from home

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gang rape victim's condition better, optimistic about future : doctors



new delhi, dec 22 (ians) the 23-year-old physiotherapist who was brutally raped has shown "improvement" and is "optimistic about the future", but the danger of infection spreading in her body continues, doctors said saturday.

"her condition has improvded... but infection chances continue to exist," b.d. athani, medical superintendent of safdarjung hospital, told reporters here.

also, for the first time, she was accessed by a team of psychologists.

the team found that the woman, who was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus and then thrown out alongwith her friend on the roadside sunday night, was "psychologically stable, optimistic and hopes of having a good future."

"her wbc (white blood cell) count has improved. it is 2,600.. it is better than yesterday. but blood platelet is lower than yesterday (friday)," the doctor, who was accompanied by a team of three doctors. he, however, did not give the blood platelet count.

the normal white blood cell count range is from 4,000 to 11,000. on friday, the woman's white blood cell count was1,500 and blood platelet was 61,000.

he said that they are administering platelet rich plasma to the young woman.

"she is very alert compared to yesterday (friday). she is active and communicating," he told reporters.

doctors said that the young woman has been given sips of water and apple juice since this morning.

"all her parameters are optimum except reduction in platelet count," said another doctor.

the doctors also said the level of bilirubin, brownish yellow substance found in bile, has increased to 5.9 from friday's 5.1, which is a cause of concern as it could affect functioning of liver. bile acids are part of the thick liquid called bile that helps the body to digest fats. bile is produced by the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and released into the small intestine where food is digested.

the victim's total lymphocyte count (tlc) has come down which means there are chances of infection in her body, which is the the worry, doctors added.

"but we are keeping her on high dose of antibiotics and high standards of hygiene," the doctor added. tlc is a test that shows how the immunse system is working.

athani said for the first time since the woman, , was admitted in the hospital, a team of psychologists assessed her.

he said the psychiatry department team led by kuldip kumar and abhliasha yadav conducted preliminary psychology profile.

explaining about her state, kumar said: "we followed a sensitive approach to talk to her and preliminary investigations show that she is psychologically composed.

"she is responding well but it is too early to say anything. she is psychologically extraordinary stable, optimistic and hopes of having a good future," said kumar, a senior psychiatrist.

"she is very brave and positive and optimistic about her future. her biological functions are normal and psychologically she is totally balanced and composed," said yadav.


How much does Amazon Pay for work from home


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