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get paid writing amazon reviews

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“easy to comment on rapes in delhi, but not in bihar”


patna,(bihartimes): though chief minister nitish kumar on monday called for the need for fast track courts to solve the rape and gang rape cases yet ever since the bobby rape-cum-murder case of 1980s to shilpa jain rape-cum-murder case of 1990s to the patna school girl gang-rape-cum-mms case of last summer, which involves high and mighty, hardly anyone close to powers that be has been brought to book in bihar.

the possible exception can be the champa biswas case of 1990s in which hemlata yadav, a leader of the then ruling party and her son mritrunjay yadav got convicted. but even in that case some more powerful figures could not be punished. this in spite of the fact that champa biswas was the wife of a dalit ias officer, (now late) b b biswas.

why talk about high and mighty even other rape cases have not been solved. the only case about which the state government can boast of in getting quick conviction, was that which involved the rape of a japanese tourist in bodh gaya a few years back. but then she was raped––and not killed––by a tempo driver, and not by anyone having right connections.

the quick conviction in this case raises a very pertinent question: if the rapist can be convicted in matter of weeks with the help of existing law why can not this happen when the victim is a hapless indian girl or woman. why this double standards?

once again the same system worked very fast in getting rupam pathak, the lady principal, who killed bjp mla, raj kishore kesari, convicted. but the state government machinery is yet to arrest another man accused by rupam of rape, that is, mla’s aide, bipin rai. after all law and order is the state subject.

kanchan bala, a leading woman rights activist, while talking to bihartimes, said it is very easy to comment or take to streets on the gang rapes taking place in delhi or elsewhere. but what about the repeated incidents of heinous crimes taking place in bihar, especially when the culprits are close to powers that be.


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