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rapists to be tried like terrorists: jagannath mishra


patna,(bihartimes): former bihar chief minister dr jagannath mishra, during whose regime in early 1980s the infamous bobby murder case took place and who gave marching orders to the then sp of patna, kishore kunal, when the latter tried to book the son of a top congress leader holding a constitutional position then, has now come up with a suggestion.

in a letter written to president pranab mukherjee on tuesday he has demanded that the perpetrators of heinous crimes against women should be treated like ‘terrorists’ and prosecuted in specially designated court under laws akin to tada and pota.

“the accused in a rape case should be treated at par with terrorists and should be prosecuted in specially designated court under tough laws akin to tada and pota,” the letter said.

dr mishra, who is now a janata dal (united) leader, stressed on setting special courts on the pattern of family courts to deal with the crimes against women. he further suggested that trial in such cases should be concluded in maximum six months.

but women rights activist like nilu contested the view by stating that after all law and order is a state subject and there are enough law to nail the culprits. “if a tempo driver accused of raping a japanese tourist can be convicted within a month time in bihar why can not others be brought to book. why is dr mishra asking for six months time. it is only the lack of political will which is the problem.”

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