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get paid for reviewing products

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get paid for reviewing products

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jaya bachchan weeps for dead gang-rape victim

mumbai, dec 29 (ians) former actress and rajya sabha member jaya bachchan broke down saturday during a silent march held for the delhi gang-rape victim here this evening. the 23-year-old victim died in a singapore hospital early saturday.

jaya bachchan expressed her condolences to the victim's family and said that she understood their pain.

"there are many girls in my family. i feel scared when i think of what the 23-year-old had to go through. whatever we did was very late. we should collectively apologise to the family and to all women who have gone through such an ordeal. please don't tarnish the reputation of our country," she said.

in memory of the victim, mumbaikers joined a silent march from juhu beach to kaifi azmi park. the protest was led by the late poet's daughter, former actress and social activist shabana azmi.

"the brave girl has lost her life but has awakened the country," azmi said.

various bollywood celebrities took to the streets to show their support to the deceased victim and her family. celebrities like ranveer singh, alka yagnik, lalit pandit, jaya bachchan, javed akhtar, hema malini, om puri, deepika padukone, kunal kapoor and sonu nigam were among those present.

singer sonu nigam, who has stayed in the capital, said: "i have stayed in delhi. the boys are hungry there and they look at women as if they are restaurants," he said.

actress hema malini said: "the incident should not have taken place. india is known for its culture and tradition but these kinds of incidents are scary. the sad thing is the government didn't do anything. everybody is scared to step out their house, there is no security."

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