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report fake reviews on amazon

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report fake reviews on amazon

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report fake reviews on amazon

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east champaran blooming with flowers


patna,(bihartimes): east champaran is fast emerging as a flower growing district of bihar.
the flower trade in the district is estimated to be of around rs five crore annually.
reports said that more than 500 big and small farmers, have left cultivation of paddy and sugarcane and shifted to cultivation of flowers.

motihari, chakia, madhuban and pakridayal are the main flower growing blocks of the district. lilly, chandramauli and rajnigandha are the popular varieties of flowers grown in this part of the district.

farmers of east champaran are transported to west bengal and nepal in a big way.

more than 25 flower shops have come up in the heart of motihari, the district headquarters town, which is also known as “phool gaon” (viilage of flowers).

local growers say earlier the flower trade was marginal and was confined to neighbouring districts of muzaffarpur, gorakhpur and sheohar.

the trade has picked up in last 3-4 years making it a profitable business.
the trade has picked up in last 3-4 years making it a profitable business.

according to district horticulture officer dharamvir panday the government was promoting cultivation of flowers by giving almost 90 per cent subsidy.

the government has set up poly houses at four places in the district to train farmers in floriculture.

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