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temu website reviews

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temu website reviews

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mnrega irregularities: two job-cards to 20 lakh labourers in bihar


patna,(bihartimes): thanks to the block programme officers and panchayat rozgar sevaks as high as 20 lakh labourers have been issued two job cards under mnrega schemes in bihar.

with 96,855 double job cards muzaffarpur district tops the list. this irregularity was detected when the records were being uploaded on the management information system.

in all 1.25 crores labouers have been given job cards in bihar. the petition in this regard is given in panchayat. thus it is the duty of the panchayats to cross-check the names before registering and issuing the job-cards.

job cards are given to labourers as it is on its basis that they get work, wages and unemployment allowance. the life of job-card is five years. it is the duty of panchayat to give job cards and see to it that no job-cards are issued to one person. besides, it is the duty of panchayat rozgar sevaks and block programme officers to monitor the issuance of job-cards. but none of them cross-checked the records before issuing the job-cards.

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