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munna shukla and ranvir yadav: a tale of two mlas’ husbands 

patna,(bihartimes): though top police officials have confirmed that the jailed janata dal (united) leader and former mla, munna shukla, did make a call to the director of a college, sant lal yadav, it could not be known whether he had really made extortion demand or not. but the very recovery of a mobile phone from his ward raises a very serious question as to how can it reach a high security jail. after all munna shukla is not an undertrial prisoner, but a convict in a murder case.

as if that was not enough, hoardings having photos of chief minister nitish kumar with munna shukla started appearing in patna. the hoardings and bill-boards have been put up at different places of the state capital by the janata dal (united) leaders and workers to appeal to the people to attend the november 4 adhikar rally. it is said that it was put up by his mla wife, annu shukla.

though while reacting to the extortion call, chief minister nitish kumar said that the law would take its own course it remains to be seen how the police actually moves in this direction. it is true that nitish had at least said so. 

in contrast when ranvir yadav snatched a gun and opened fire in the air before him to disperse a mob on september 27 last the chief minister publicly complimented him. while firs have been lodged against munna shukla, no action whatsoever was taken against ranvir yadav, who too is a former mla and presently husband of a janata dal (united) legislator, poonam devi.

the problem with nitish is that both these former mlas have come to the rescue of nitish at very crucial juncture in his political career. the role of munna shukla in the 2005 split of lok janshakti party, which subsequently paved the way for nitish kumar to come to power in november the same year, can not be ignored. 

the problem with nitish is that if he takes action against munna shukla he will have to take similar action against ranvir yadav too. the latter was also convicted in a massacre case a few years back. after all everyone saw on tv channel as to how he snatched a gun, opened fire and how the chief minister defended him.

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