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police arrests mukhiya for making calls threatening to blow up mahabodhi temple

patna,(bihartimes): a few days after alarm was raised over the likely terrorist attack on bodh gaya the police arrested the mukhiya of kujur panchayat, under atri police station on the charge of making calls threatening to blow up the mahabodhi temple and demanding ransom from gaya mayor, vibha devi.

the arrested mukhiya, mukesh kumar, is alleged to have made several ghost calls and sent smses regarding the presence of terrorists and the ‘imminent’ terrorist attack. reports said a few days back, the mukhiya allegedly rang up the ssp daring him to protect the shrine from certain terrorist attack.

a report in the times of india quoting sources said besides making ghost calls for the demolition of the shrine and demanding ransom from the mayor, the mukhiya on several occasions, made calls and smses to derail the investigation in important and sensational cases, thereby diverting the line of investigation.

gaya ssp vinay kumar said there was enough material evidence to book the mukhiya on serious criminal charges. police officials were interrogating the arrested mukhiya to elicit more information about his mischievous designs that, on more than one occasion, created general panic and put pressure on the police.

earlier, gaya mayor received several calls and sms demanding rs 50 lakh extortion threatening her family’s elimination in case the payment was not made.

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