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nitish to visit jinnah’s tomb, gurudwara dera saheb

patna,(bihartimes): like the bjp patriarch, lal krishna advani and other foreign dignitaries, bihar chief minister nitish kumar will also visit the tomb of mohammad ali jinnah in karachi and meet various leaders, including that of the muttahida quami movement (mqm) during his week-long visit to pakistan from november 9 to 16.

he is also scheduled to visit gurudwara dera saheb and the mausoleum of the 19th century sikh ruler maharaja ranjit singh adjacent to it in lahore. nitish will also visit some historical sites related to indus valley civilization, including mohenjodaro and takshila.

according to ravi kant principal secretary, cabinet, nitish will visit mazar-e-quaid to pay floral tribute to the founder of pakistan on november 10 and visit jinnah museum too.

he will also meet leaders of the mqm, a party of urdu-speaking or say hindustani-speaking migrants from india––a sizeable number of them have their origin in bihar.

ravi kant, however, said the chief minister’s meeting with pakistan president asif ali zardari and prime minister raja parvez ashraf has not yet not been confirmed.

nitish is leading a 12-member delegation from november 9-16 at the invitation of the chief ministers of punjab and sind.

after meeting punjab governor latif khan khosa on november 16, the delegation will return to india by road through the wagah border.

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