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big b upset with bihar police

mumbai, nov 11 megastar amitabh bachchan is upset after coming to know that the bihar police have used his pictures without his consent in their campaign against the maoists. he says he may take legal action against them.

"bihar police uses my photograph for the recruitment of forces in their fight against the maoists... this is illegal and wrong and defamatory... they cannot do this without my permission or that of sony. they have not and they must stop its use immediately. we are in talks with our respective lawyers," the 70-year-old posted on his official facebook page.

in their ongoing fight with maoists, the bihar police have used big b's pictures on hoardings to encourage youth from rural areas to join their innovative programme - audhaura super 30 - instead of turning into rebels.

according to reports, the scheme is aimed at grooming the youths for jobs in the state police and other paramilitary forces.

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