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good business on dhanteras day in patna, other places

patna,(bihartimes): sale of cars and two-wheelers increased on the occasion of dhanteras this year. nearly 1,700 cars were sold in patna on sunday. 

besides, the state saw roaring sale of gold and silver coins, bars and jewellery as well as furniture, stainless steel utensils, sweets, dry fruits, home decor products, mobiles, electronic goods, especially led tv etc. 

colourful wooden gharaundas (small homes) too sold like hot cakes.

but the latest trend is to buy gold and silver coins. in spite of the high inflation and soaring prices of gold––rs 3,210 per gram––the rich went for jewellery. it suggested the trend to invest in gold.

though the poor and lower middle class confined themselves to buying less expensive items it is the affluent and neo-rich, which made a big beeline outside various showrooms and jewellery shops in the state capital and other big and small cities and towns of the state.

according to the president, bihar chamber of commerce and industries, o p shah “while the traditional reasons for buying gold or other goods are very much there, the increases in the purchasing power of people facilitated by easy bank loans are also reasons for huge business in this season.”

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