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sustaining bihar's economic growth a challenge: sushil modi

patna, nov 29 (ians) a day after a planning commission report revealed bihar had a 21.9 percent economic growth rate, state deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi thursday said it was a big challenge to sustain such a high rate.

"it is fact that bihar has left several developed states behind in terms of economic growth rate but it is a big challenge to sustain growth rate," modi told media persons here in reference to bihar's nominal gross state domestic product (gsdp) growth rate reaching 21.9 percent during the 11th plan (2007-12), as per the plan panel report.

modi said the state government has targeted over 13 percent economic growth rate during the 12th five year plan period. "we hope to achieve it with our commitment of development."

he recalled that bihar recorded its highest growth rate of 61.71 percent during 2011-12 due to record food grain production. bihar produced 166.69 lakh tonnes of foodgrain during 2011-2012, as compared to 103.47 lakh tonnes a year before.

according to the planning commission report on state finances, only sikkim and goa, which are much smaller in size than bihar, have performed better than the state.

during the 11th plan, gujarat grew at 16 percent followed by maharashtra and uttar pradesh at 15.3 percent each.

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