Fall in sales of four-wheelers in Patna in August

Patna,(BiharTimes): Patna has witnessed a fall in sales of four-wheelers in August 2012 in comparison to the corresponding month last year.

However, vehicle dealers attribute it to the national trend as there has been about a 19% fall in sales of four-wheeler in the country in August this year. In Patna, however, the fall in sales was 3.2%.

According to Dinesh Kumar Rai, district transport officer, Patna, altogether 1,071 four-wheelers were registered at the district transport office in August 2011. But this year, in the same month, this number has fallen to 990.

Some dealers say that sales are down because of Kharmas season, which is considered by many as inauspicious time to buy anything. Even otherwise, vehicle sales in August is low.

Patna is gradually reaching its saturation point and like several other metros the problem of parking the vehicle is increasing with the passing of every day. So in that case the number of vehicles sold per day might not rise as rapidly as in the past.

Still the number of cars and jeeps registered in Patna district has increased by 7.2% this year.

The DTO figure also said that as many as 15,250 four-wheelers were registered between September 2010 and August 2011, while between September 2011 and August 2012 this number swelled to 15,546.

However, it is to be seen what will be the sales in Dhanteras, which is to take place next month.




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