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cong not against alliance with jd(u)

patna,(bihartimes): reacting to the latest development in the nda in bihar the congress on tuesday claimed the jd(u)-bjp alliance is unlikely to last long. however, the party made it clear that it was not averse to doing business with chief minister nitish kumar if he snaps his ties with bjp.

talking to the media in new delhi party spokesman, manish tewari, said whatever jd-u has been doing for sometime, it is becoming clear that it has to carry the load, that is, the bjp. he said his party does not think that all is well between the load and the one forced to carry it.

he said though he does not give certificates of secularism to anyone yet those who have been aligned with communal forces needed to introspect as to the damage done to the cause of secularism by their actions.

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