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thanks to ‘black’ order, nitish’s meeting drawing  smaller crowd

patna,(bihartimes): the number of people turning up to nitish kumar’s rally is certainly dwindling.  even those who manage to get pass from janata dal  (united) workers and enter the venue are afraid  not only of disturbance from the crowd, but of the  police crackdown too. and then it is not possible  for everyone to get pass. in katihar, for example,  several journalists, could not get one and therefore, denied entry.

the irony is that the chief minister himself is  oblivious of all these facts. he is more concerned  about his own security. the bureaucracy and  police, already under fire, have become all too  whimsical.

only the other day the jamui superintendent of police, upendra kumar sharma, issued  an order banning anyone from wearing black  clothes or carrying anything black in hand. nitish is to address a public meeting in the  district on oct 8. the issue was highlighted  by a television channel as it amounted to  violation of fundamental right.

but then in bhagalpur on sunday (oct 7) many  people could not enter the venue as they were  carrying umbrellas or having some black  clothes. 

however, the janata dal (united) leadership has devised a new method of packing the venue––not with crowd, but with cops.  

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