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madhubani violence, a pointer to the growing restlessness in bihar

patna,(bihartimes): though the large scale violence in madhubani, which led to the killing of at least two persons––nishant kumar jha, 18. and lalbabu yadav. 26––in police firing on friday, was said to be in reaction to the recovery of a headless body the fact is that people are repeatedly taking to the streets due to general resentment against large scale corruption, administrative inefficiency and police highhandedness.

incidentally, the madhubani incident came only a day after a similar protest over gang-rape in paraiya block of gaya district which too led to the killing of one person. here too the people complained that the police refused to accept the fir for about two weeks and that the accused have not been arrested.

the breakdown of law and order in madhubani on friday, and once again on saturday, followed a series of violent incident wherever the chief minister, nitish kumar, went. no it was not just the contractual teachers who took to the streets. a large number of those who are protesting at various places are the general people. in gaya and aurangabad even the ruling janata dal (united) workers indulged in violence and arson protesting against the police and administrative highhandedness during the chief minister’s adhikar yatra.

even in madhubani, the akhil bharatiya vidyarthi parishad, the students wing of the ruling bjp, which gave the bandh call on friday. that is one reason why the bjp leaders are not speaking much on the issue.

what is strange is that unlike in forbesganj police firing of june 3 last year, or other incidents of violence, the state government on friday ordered the immediate transfer of the district magistrate, adhesh titarmare and superintendent of police, saurabh kumar. while lokesh kumar singh has been made new dm ranjeet mishra will take over as the new sp.

a day later on saturday, violence spread to harlakhi, jainagar and basopatti blocks of the district and the state government transferred the zonal ig of darbhanga, r k mishra.

the chief minister nitish kumar ordered a judicial inquiry into the arson and violence a probe by the cbi would also be recommended into the case of the girl who reportedly went missing with the boy, prashant jha, whose headless body, the family members claimed, had been recovered.

meanwhile, noted social activist naiyer fatmi of nagrik pahal said that the madhubani incident exposed not only the political inefficiency of the state government but also its double standards. “while in forbesganj, where the police indulged in open violation of human rights, neither the dm nor the sp or sdo was transferred though four people died in it, in case of madhubani the state government took action immediately,” he told bihartimes.

he said that the judicial inquiry ordered into madhubani incident makes no sense as it would amount to wastage of millions of rupees with no result. this is happening in the case of forbesganj where no result has so far been achieved. “why is it that the state government not recommending a cbi probe into the entire incident. why judicial inquiry into the firing and cbi inquiry into the missing girl,” he asked.

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