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malnutrition rises in bihar in the last 10 years

patna,(bihartimes): a shocking official report says that malnourishment in bihar in the age group of 0-3 years has increased by three per cent since 2002. interestingly, in seven of the last 10 years the nitish kumar government is in power. the latest figure thus stands at 55 per cent.

according to the revised national rural health mission (nrhm) report-2012-13 around 80% of children below five years of age in bihar are malnourished.

the report also said malnourishment in women in reproductive age group (15-49 years) has also worsened in bihar. it went up from 60 per cent in 1998 to 68.2 per cent in 2012.

around two-thirds women in child-bearing age in the state are malnourished. this is once again highest in the country. initiatives taken to address malnutrition in the state, particularly among children, adolescent girls and pregnant women have failed to yet result. it means that either the schemes presently running in the state are not reaching the beneficiaries or they are flawed.

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