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justice (retired) uday sinha to probe madhubani firing

patna,(bihartimes): justice (retd) uday sinha of the patna high court will investigate the police firing in madhubani on october 12 and 13. the judicial commission will submit its report within six months.
three people were killed and many others injured in the large-scale violence in the town and three other blocks. the decision in this regard was taken by the state cabinet on tuesday.

as per the terms of reference the commission will probe the sequence of events, which led to the police firing, involvement of a person or many directly or indirectly in inciting violence, justification for the police firing and who was responsible for it.

it needs to be recalled that a judicial probe was ordered a few days after the forbesganj firing on june 3, 2011. it was to submit its report within six months. but it took several months before it got an office and staff to start work. the report is yet to be submitted.

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