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katju flays nitish, asks him to make introspection

patna,(bihartimes): the press council of india chairman markandey katju on friday once again came down heavily on bihar chief minister nitish kumar for the second time in eight months.

but this time he spoke not just as the chairman of the press council of india, but as a politician too. 

stating that nitish kumar had lost the goodwill of people he said the frequent public protests against him during his adhikar yatra is testimony to the fact as to how bad is the situation is in bihar. 

the chief minister is scared of facing the people. he was shown black flags by the people and massive public protests took place during his adhikar yatra, which proves that he has failed to fulfil promises of development, employment and electricity even seven years after assuming power.

ironically, katju spoke all this at a function where the book of the present dgp, abhayanand, was released.

the former supreme court judge claimed that the public protests were so strong that nitish had to abandon his yatra midway and at places where he addressed public meetings there were more policemen than the people. this proves that the chief minister was “scared” of those who had given him mandate for successive terms.

the pci chief said it is time for nitish to make introspection about the actual cause of protests against him and should concede that there was a genuine reason for anger against him and his government. criticizing what he said the bihar shining campaign in the media he said the facts like poverty, backwardness, lack of industrialization and unemployment and migration could not be ignored.

katju did not spare the development model of gujarat chief minister narendra modi too. quoting from figures he said gujarat had a higher rate of malnutrition among children than the national average. it has a higher malnutrition rate at 47 per cent against the national average at 46 per cent, he added.

katju, who recently wrote an edit page article in the times of india on behalf of biharis living in maharashtra strongly criticized shiv sena and maharashtra navnirman sena leaders for their hate campaign against migrants in mumbai and maharashtra.

the fundamental right under article 19(1)(e) of the constitution entitles an indian citizen to settle in any part of the country. those people who questioned the right of fellow countrymen to live and work in mumbai and maharashtra were 'traitors' and should be punished severely, he said.

it needs to be recalled that in the last week of february justice katju, in a function in patna university, publicly criticised the strict press censorship in bihar. later he even constituted a three-member committee to investigate media censorship in the state. the team paid a visit to bihar and made hearing, but till now nothing had come out of that.

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