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bihar to develop places associated with aryabhata’s works

patna,(bihartimes): to preserve and develop the three historical locations associated with renowned astronomer and mathematician aryabhata––khagaul, taregna and taregna top–-all in the vicinity of patna, the science and technology department of bihar has planned an astro-tourism project. 

file photo: nitish kiumar visited taregana on july19, 2009

born in pataliputra, then known as kusumpura, in 476 ad, at age 23 he wrote aryabhatiyam, his monumental work. aryabhata was credited with inventing zero and enjoyed the reputation of a mathematician and astronomer.

there is a general belief that taregna is the oldest observatory and laboratory of aryabhata. the word taregna comes from the sanskrit “taraka-gnana” (calculating stars). similarly khagaul is said to have originated from 'khagol (astronomy).

it was on july 20, 2009 that a large number of scientists, students, mediapersons, tourists, along with the state chief minister, nitish kumar, assembled there to view the total solar eclipse.

nitish had then announced to develop this region as astro-tourism circuit since it was one of the few ancient places associated with astronomy.

as taregna offers best sight for eclipse aryabhata, had camped to study celestial bodies. 

according to arun k singh principal secretary, science and technology department, the state government has decided to develop the three locations so as to serve as tourist attraction as well as provide adequate exposition to the life, working and contributions of aryabhata in the field of astronomy and mathematics. 

these three centres would showcase various concepts, theories and models formed by aryabhata in the form of interactive demonstration centre and one of the locations will be equipped with facilities and latest equipments to facilitate further studies and repository in the field of astronomy. 

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