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raj thackeray threatens to shut hindi channels misquoting him

mumbai, sep 2 (ians) maharashtra navnirman sena (mns) chief raj thackeray sunday took potshots at hindi news channels and said that he would shut them all down if they did not stop misquoting his speeches.

"people from hindi channels dole out news without understanding the issue. such channels should discontinue doing this, otherwise we will do what we can to stop this game," thackeray declared.

he then joked about how the channels would run "breaking news" about his "threat".

"i am sure these channels will be running "breaking news"... "raj thackeray threatens to shut down hindi news channels," he said, gesturing wildly with his hands, mocking the news channels.

speaking about the cases filed against him and the coverage of it in the media, thackeray claimed that he knew the law.

"don't issue me threats claiming that you will file (criminal or defamation) cases against me. i know of several laws that are broken every now and then. should i also go to court and sue those guilty," he questioned.

lashing out at congress general secretary digvijay singh's remark that thackeray's family too came originally from bihar, he said, "digvijay singh says anything that comes to his mind, however irrelevant. he is someone the congress keeps, to take the brunt of all criticism."

thackeray, in a slapstick manner, retorted to singh's remark with a question: "so is digvijay singh's family from sulabh shauchalay (public toilet)?"

last week, thackeray had called biharis in maharashtra "infiltrators" in reaction to reports of a letter from the bihar chief secretary warning mumbai police against picking up suspects from the state without first informing local police.

"how come most offenders are from bihar," thackeray asked, adding that there was no need for bihari politicians to teach maharashtra the rules.

bringing up the matter of the cinema wing of mns's threat to disrupt shooting of a television programme featuring pakistani artistes, thackeray said he did not favour the inclusion of pakistani performers.

"i stand by my views. it is wrong to entertain pakistani artistes when we are not welcomed in their country," he said.

asha bhonsle is also a part of the show titled "sur kshetra" to be aired on color and sahara channels.

last week, when bhonsle said that she does not understand politics, and that she considers guests like god, thackeray rebuked the singer saying he wondered if the real reason she participated in the show was "paisa devo bhava" (money is god).

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