Another tiger cub dies in Bihar

Patna, Sep 3 (IANS) The death of another tiger cub in the Patna Zoological Park here has shocked zoo officials and wildlife lovers as only last month one of the three cubs had died, an official said Monday.

"One more tiger cub died due to severe infection Sunday," Zoo director Abhay Kumar said.

"The other cub is also critically ill, doctors are trying to save it," he said.

In July, tigress Swarna gave birth to three cubs. But soon all three developed infections and their condition deteriorated.

"First one tiger cub died last week and another died Sunday. The third one is battling for its life," another zoo official said.

Zoo officials are worried as on Aug 15, an Asiatic lion cub had died in the Patna Zoo after being injured by its mother.

Kumar said his team was doing everything possible to save the cubs.

"They are under constant expert supervision," he said.

Zoo officials as well visitors were thrilled when the cubs were born in July.

The birth of these three cubs made national news as it was after 19 years that a tigress had given birth here.

The last births of tiger cubs at the Patna zoo was in 1993. Breeding of tigers in captivity is extremely rare, a zoo official said.

Two tigers and a tigress were brought here from the Hyderabad zoo last year.  

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