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fish ponds to generate 70 mw electricity in bihar

patna,(bihartimes): the animal husbandry and fisheries department of bihar can produce at least 70 mw of electricity by june 2013.
according to bihar animal husbandry and fisheries minister giriraj singh his department has installed solar powered pumps at three different ponds, which have been dug in wetlands of the state reclaimed through the intervention of the department. he said that the fish farming would be performed in the ponds while at the same time electricity would be generated through solar panels.

he said that the chief minister has given the technical approval to the project in principle and the state government would enter into power purchase agreement with two private companies next month.

the minister said that three wetlands, also known as chauras, have been reclaimed for this purpose. they are sarairanjan chaura (110 acres) in samastipur district, gauriakothi chaura (100 acres) in siwan district, and khulas chaura (100 acres) in siwan district.

while 20 mw of power will be generated at sarairanjan chaura, 25 mw each will be generated at gauriakothi chaura and khulas chaura.

the minister also said that bihar government had also decided to set up a separate university for the study of animal husbandry, fisheries and dairy. the university would be open for admission from the academic session of 2013-14. he said that a training institute under the proposed university, to be headquartered in patna, would also be opened.

giriraj singh said that bihar consumes 5.50 lakh million tonnes of fish per year while the production of fish in the state is only 3.34 lakh million tonnes.

farmers would be imparted training at mithapur agriculture farm so that they can acquire knowledge of latest fishing technology. infrastructure will be strengthened at fishery college in dholi for advanced training.

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