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significant fall in workers’ migration from bihar

patna,(bihartimes): the large-scale migration of unskilled workers from the state has now been substantially checked.

according to labour resources department (lrd) minister janardan singh sigriwal at present, the fall in migration of unskilled workers from bihar to other states is around 35 to 40 per cent of 2005. it is a very big figure.

an earlier study on workers’ migration from the state done a couple of years ago by lrd had put the decline to more than 30 per cent taking 2005 as the base year.

introduction of mnrega by the centre and other central and state government projects in the state, especially in the field of construction have helped check the flow of unskilled labourers to other states.

the distress factor––anxiety for survival––which causes migration is mostly noticeable in saharsa, supaul and madhepura districts in kosi division and purnia, katihar, kishanganj and araria districts in purnia division. most of these districts are flood prone ones.

the slowdown in flow of migration has affected ludhiana, the major bicycle producing centre of the country, where around 5,000 units manufacture bicycles and their spare parts. they have been facing around 50 per cent shortage of workers as they mostly come from bihar.

reports said that workers from bihar are not getting attracted despite incentives like free mobile phones and bicycles to them and motorcycles to labour contractors, along with rise in their wages from rs 3,500 to around rs 6,000.

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