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nitish launches bihar govt tourism website

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on sunday launched the tourism department's website, www.bihartourism.gov.in.

speaking on the occasion he said bihar government has developed a multi-pronged action plan to develop tourism sector for economic activities and generation of employment.

he said bihar prides itself on its rich cultural heritage and development of infrastructure at tourist sites would give a boost to the sector.

he said his government understood the importance of the tourism sector and set out to develop infrastructure like roads and improved law and order situation to woo tourists from across the country and abroad. as a result, the inflow of the tourists had grown three-fold in the past six years from 66 lakh to 1.86 crore.

the chief minister said that it would be desirable if more and more tourists visit rich cultural and religious sites in bihar as this will boost economic activities and general employment at the local level. he said much more was required to be done to lay infrastructure like quality roads, hotels, motels and resorts for the benefits of the tourists. 

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