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bjp mp to hold demonstration of grief on sep 30

patna,(bihartimes): the bjp mp from purnea, uday singh, is organizing a vedna pradarshan (demonstration of grief) in his parliamentary constituency on september 30 to expose the tall claims made by the nitish kumar government in bihar.
uday cites findings of a survey in his constituency as reason for the protest. the survey, he got conducted, makes the claims of the nitish government look hollow.

what is surprising is that uday is not just a bjp mp, but the brother of n k singh, former bureaucrat-turned-rajya sabha mp of janata dal (united). nitish has a very good relationship with the latter. his sisters too are ias officers while his late father was an ics.

since uday is an industrialist and has little involved in the day to day affairs of the party in bihar the latest move comes as a surprise. as the janata dal (united)-bjp relationship is somewhat sour political observers have started attaching several meanings to the latest development.

interestingly, uday stressed that his move should not be taken as a dissent but a sincere advice. he said vedna pradarshan should be considered as feedback and may force course correction. it would help bring to an end the politics of fear in the state.

yet at the same time he rejected the speculation about joining any other party or alliance by stating that “i am extremely pro-nitish kumar and the nda. i still feel he is the best leader we have had in bihar in a long time and i also don’t doubt his abilities as chief minister. but the riddle is that having such leader as the chief minister, the ground realities in the state don’t square up. and the only way forward is to completely change the system of governance and accountability.”

uday has already informed the senior party leaders of both the bjp and janata dal (united) about the protest rally. and in any event he feels that as the representative of his area, he does not require any express permission from his party or the nda to safeguard the interests of his people.

the survey, based on a sample size of 2.10 lakh households in his constituency, puts the entire turnaround story in bihar on its head.

reacting on the survey report, rahul kashyap, director of new delhi-based policy think tank stratsol consultancy says "i am shuddered by the results the survey has thrown. it comes as rap on the knuckles of the sushashan claims. we had heard murmurs to this effect but the survey makes the claims of the nda rule seem as floss. the nitish kumar government must take corrective actions, take the schemes to the target beneficiaries and implement a non-partisan monitoring system to prevent seeping curruption in the system."

he said if the survey report is true in purnea, truth wouldn’t be different in the rest of the state.

though uday praise nitish he levels serious charges against the administration. while the first term of the nda was very good, bureaucratic corruption and apathy has stalled this progress and is damaging the reputation of a tall leader.

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