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post bharat bandh, nitish clarifies his pre-nationwide shutdown remarks on support

patna,(bihartimes): after bharat bandh bihar chief minister nitish kumar clarified his statement given a day before the sep 20 nation-wide shutdown.
he said in patna on thursday that what he said the previous day was in the context of the 2014 general elections and that he could not think of giving support to the upa.

talking to newsmen he said he cannot ever think of giving support to the upa. “whatever i said at the public meeting at bettiah on wednesday should not be related to the present political situation. i had said that in the context of 2014 general elections,” he added.

nitish said he had also said at the same meeting that the political might of the people of bihar should not be ignored. if they get united in the 2014 general elections then they could, by virtue of 40 mps, play a decisive role in formation of the next government.

on mamata banerjee’s withdrawal of support the bihar chief minister said his personal assessment was that the upa government would not collapse as it was good at managing numbers. if one goes out then they catch someone else for support.

he said the large-scale public participation in bandh was spontaneous as the issues involved were serious. he feared that the opening of multi-brand retail business to foreign companies would render a lot of people unemployed.

on lalu yadav’s support to fdi he said the rjd leader’s view has undergone a change as he seems to be eyeing something by extending support to the upa government on this issue.

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