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bihar to plant six crore saplings

patna, sep 26 (ians) bihar plans to plant six crore saplings over the next five years to increase its green cover from 9.79 to 15 percent, an official said wednesday.
"it is an ambitious scheme and a part of the government's drive for 'harit bihar'(green bihar campaign)," an official of the forest department told ians.

under the scheme, 3.6 crore popular saplings and 2.4 crore other varieties will be planted.

farmers and locals will be paid rs.15 for every tree they plant in the first year and rs.10 each the next two years.

"rs.210 crore will be spent as incentives to ensure the survival of the saplings," the official said.

undivided bihar had a forest cover of 17 percent. the state now stands sixth from the bottom in forest cover in the country.

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