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bihar links jharkhand’s demand of land maps with pending issues

patna,(bihartimes): though bihar has received a request from the jharkhand government for handing over 82,000 land maps of 32,615 villages the nitish government has linked the issue to non-resolution of pending issues related to the bifurcation of undivided bihar on nov 15, 2000.

reports said that in the absence of land maps, jharkhand cannot modernise its land records under the centre’s national land record modernisation programme. as part of the scheme, states get funds to digitise land records and survey or resurvey any area using global positioning system (gps), aerial photography and satellite imagery.

reports quoting sources said several issues needed to be dealt with the land map issue. bihar’s home and finance department looks after all issues stemming out of non-completion of division of assets and liabilities between bihar and jharkhand.

about 20 issues pending are payment of around rs 950 crore against pension by the jharkhand government, the latter’s claim on either bihar niwas and bihar bhavan, cadre division and full and final division of assets and liabilities.

the sources added that the clauses and the provisions of the bifurcation of the erstwhile undivided bihar had mandated bihar and jharkhand to pay two-thirds and one-third for pension, respectively.

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