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bihar opposition wants fir against ex-legislator

patna, sep 29 (ians) the opposition in bihar has demanded to know why police have not lodged a case against ranvir yadav, the husband of ruling janata dal-united (jd-u) legislator poonam devi, for snatching a policeman's rifle and firing in the air to "terrorise" protesters.

yadav, a former jd-u legislator, allegedly fired in the air sep 27 to disperse contractual para teachers during a protest against chief minister nitish kumar in khagaria.

the opposition wondered why no case has been lodged against yadav when named firs have been lodged against 75 people and against 600 unidentified people for protesting against nitish kumar.

"a jd-u leader in bihar snatched a policeman's rifle and opened fire to disperse protesters, but no case has been lodged against him. chief minister nitish kumar publicly thanked him for making his public meeting possible," opposition rashtriya janata dal (rjd) leader ghulam ghoush said.

lok janshakti party leader ramchander paswan said that 35 people have been arrested and sent to jail for the protest. "police have failed to lodge a case against yadav," he said.

paswan said that had it not been for ranvir yadav and his jd(u) legislator wife poonam devi, nitish kumar would not have been able to reach the dais at khagaria.

yadav told local tv channels that he was nitish kumar's saviour and had it not been for his action, anything could have happened to the chief minister.

state congress leader premchand mishra also questioned why an fir has not been lodged against yadav.

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