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how to get paid for reviewing products

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how to get paid for reviewing products

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how to get paid for reviewing products

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why anna holding democracy rally instead of anti-corruption rally in bihar?

patna,(bihartimes): the choice of shaheed diwas (jan 30) to organize his jantantra (democracy) rally in gandhi maidan has come as a huge surprise to a large number of people, especially social activists, of bihar. that is why many of those who were associated during two fasts of anna hazare and even sat in protest in bihar are keeping themselves aloof from him this time.

the big question is as to what is the need for jantantra rally. is there dictatorship in bihar or, for that matter in india? why has team anna quietly shifted the gear––from anti-corruption to democracy.

“why has he not spoken out against rampant corruption in bihar? is there any difference between corruption of congress and that of the bjp or regional parties, including nitish kumar’s janata dal (united)?” asks satya narayan madan, a social activist.

on the other hand naiyer fatmi, formerly associated with the jp movement said: “yes there is need for democracy too in bihar as anna can not dare to speak out against corruption here. in fact he has been literally forced to change the very agenda of rally in bihar. where has the anti-corruption slogan gone? why is anna silent on nitin gadkari’s corruption and his open threat to income tax officials. if in opposition he can issue such a threat, what will he do after coming to power is anyone’s guess?”

the way everything went about clearly alarmed many of those who were associated with india against corruption in bihar. in the beginning anna rang up nitish kumar to seek permission to hold rally in gandhi maidan. than general v k singh came and met him and praised his government. “what is this going on here. general singh should at least know that there is rampant loot and corruption everywhere in bihar. yet he not only remained silent, but instead praised the nitish government to sky,” commented a political observer, who wished not to be quoted.

kanchan bala, another products of 1974 movement and a supporter of anna till a few months back asks: “if anna hazare wants to launch jp type movement why is there no photo of lok nayak anywhere in the posters, banners and hoardings? instead there is photos of general v k singh in army uniform. what is this?”

though team anna has left no stone unturned the truth is that there is lack of enthusiasm among the people even when he is coming to the state for the first time. even during his august 2011 fast in delhi there was much more enthusiasm in patna. 

another political analyst said that anna would be making a tactical blunder as perhaps in no other state the anger against corruption is so palpable as in bihar. but by remaining silent on the prevailing loot in the state, he would be missing a great opportunity.

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