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2-3 year target to improve education quality: bihar minister


patna, april 8 (ians) bihar has set a target of two to three years to improve the quality of school education in the state, education minister p.k. shahi said monday.

talking to ians, shahi said it is a big challenge but the state government has already initiated number of interventions.

"we are hopeful to improve quality of school education soon," he said, adding this was the next step after achieving success in school enrolment which has now touched 97 percent.

"the education department is working hard to achieve it," he said, adding the scheme was launched in 2011 as part of the 'samjho sikho' campaign, to cover thousands of primary and middle schools.

"under the scheme, the main objective is to improve learning outcomes of school children," shahi said.

the government has tied up with azim premji foundation and pratham to work on two basic aspects - to get as close to class- and age-specific learning in schools.

according to census 2011, bihar has a literacy rate of 63.8 percent, against the national average of 74 percent.

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