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is it illegal to get paid to write reviews is it illegal to get paid to write reviews on amazon

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is it illegal to get paid to write reviews is it illegal to get paid to write reviews on amazon

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is it illegal to get paid to write reviews is it illegal to get paid to write reviews on amazon

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bjp mla beaten up, wife molested by travelling rail employees


patna,(bihartimes): bjp mla from agiaon (in bhojpur district), shivesh kumar, was allegedly assaulted and his wife molested by railway employees on board a howrah-bound train on friday evening.

the couple and their six-month old son were injured in the incident by a group of railway employees in an ac-2 coach of danapur-howrah express. shivesh is the son of former union minister muni lal.

according to report based on the complaint, the incident took place, when shivesh boarded the train at patna junction to attend a family function in kolkata. he had buy fake reviews amazon reserved two berths for the purpose. when the train reached rajendra nagar, around 17-18 people, said to be railway employees, boarded the train.

the trouble started when the mla’s wife protested when employees got engaged in vulgar talks.

according to the mla two berths opposite their berths were booked in the name of an mp. they were vacant. this group of people sat there and started vulgar talk. “my wife protested but they did not stop. she complained to the tte on duty jitendra singh. he said, all are railway staff and assured us there will no problem,” shivesh told the media from kolkata.

the mla said when the train left for patna saheb, the trouble makers took out liquor bottles and started drinking. the mla opposed this and was beaten up.

“they threw whisky on my wife and forced themselves on her. they also made phone calls to somebody asking to get ready to kill a couple at mokama. i somehow managed to pull the alarm chain,” shivesh said.

the mla said the train stopped. after that another on-duty tte, akhilesh kumar came and started quarreling with shivesh for stopping the train. since the group was a big one, none of the other passengers dared to interfere. 

in the meantime, the wife of the mla showed presence of mind and dialled the women's helpline number.

the train started again and reached khusrupur station where some policemen arrived after being alerted by the helpline people. they barged into the compartment and nabbed two of the alleged molesters. they were identified as pankaj kumar sinha, tte at muzaffarpur and saurabh singh, booking clerk at rajendra nagar station. the rest of them managed to escape. 

at bakhtiarpur station some more policemen arrived and a search was conducted, but nobody could be arrested. an fir was lodged under sections, 307, 323, 341, 354, 504 and 34 of the indian penal code (ipc) against all the accused including railway employees of commercial sections who were going to west bengal for training.

adg pn rai (railways), said a copy of the fir would also be sent to railway authorities for departmental proceedings.

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