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getting paid for writing fake news

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getting paid for writing fake news

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getting paid for writing fake news

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top left leaders blast nitish’s liquor policy

top left leaders blast nitish’s liquor policy


patna,(bihartimes): senior left party leaders have roundly criticized the nitish kumar government for corrupting the state by introducing the new excise policy, which has wreaked havoc in the society. 
addressing the joint convention of the left parties on sunday the cpi ml, cpi, cpm, forward bloc etc leaders did not spare the bjp and congress too for what is happening in bihar nd elsewhere in the country. 

cpi-ml general secretary dipankar bhattacharya said those, who have ruined state are now dreaming of ruling the country.

speaking on the repeated hooch tragedy in which more than 100 people have lost lives in the past few weeks he said that such tragedies have not woken up the state government and it is in no mood to change its policy on the plea that it wants to earn more revenue.

he claimed that the 2014 lok sabha elections would throw a third alternative and that would emerge out of people’s revolution. bhattacharya appealed to the people to make the bandh, called by the left parties, on february 20 and 21 a big success. the left parties have also given a call for bandh in support of nationwide strike called by the trade unions on the same days to protest against fdi, inflation, economic reforms and women insecurity among others.

the cpi ml leader also flayed the centre for not accepting the key recommendations to review armed forces special power act. 

veteran cpi leader a b bardhan accused nitish kumar of ruling the state with the help of police and bureaucracy. 

he asked as to why no action has been taken against sheikhpura sp in whose residence an employee of a liquor shop was brutally tortured. he said bihar has been the harbinger of revolutions and people must repeat history during the upcoming statewide strike.

he said the congress seems to have discovered corruption in mgnrega now, though “we have been saying for years.” he added the 2014 elections should not be about any particular leader coming to power, but about the reversal of anti-poor policies.

senior cpm leader and former mp, mohammad salim, said an artificial atmosphere of political rivalry is being created before next lok sabha election. 

he said people’s attention are being distracted by creating rahul versus narendra modi an election issue.

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