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not consulted on vcs re-appointment: nitish

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on monday said that the state government was not ‘consulted’ over the re-appointment of six vice-chancellors and four pro vice-chancellors by raj bhavan. besides, two other vcs were also appointed on saturday.
the patna high court in december last had set aside the appointments on a plea by the state government but had held the supremacy of the governor, saying he can overrule the choice of the government.

nitish said if the governor’s office writing letter to the government is consultation, it was done. but it was not consultation in true sense of the term. the state government has no say in the matter of appointments of v-cs and pro v-cs.

nitish demanded that there should be a clear law defining job of the state government in matters of universities. “let us know if our job is to only give grant to universities and bear its sundry expenses and not raise questions about irregularities and malpractices.”

nitish also said even the office of the principal accountant general had raised questions about the appointment of six v-cs before the patna high court set aside their appointments. he said his office did get some names from the governor’s office.

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