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'additional incentive to bihar may push state’s contribution to national gdp’

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar said on friday that the additional incentives by centre, including special status, could push bihar’s contribution to the national gdp to 10 per cent from 2.8 per cent at present.
speaking at a seminar on development challenges of exclusion and strategies for inclusive growth he said it is because of lop-sided nature of development with thrust on only a few developed states that the growth rate of the country has been fluctuating between eight and five per cent. 

he asked the centre to broadbase economic development with incentives for under-developed and backward states to sustain the growth rate at eight per cent or above.

the chief minister said that the centre should consider measures so that the backward states like bihar too can contribute in overall economic development of the country in a meaningful way and help sustain the high growth rate recorded in recent years.

nitish said the people of bihar have pinned their hopes on union finance minister p chidambaram for consideration of the demand for special status for bihar. he said that the union minister was recently quoted as saying that the centre would explore what it could do to help the states lagging behind the average national development ratio.

he also said that his government had provided to the centre the documents, highlighting the economic backwardness of bihar.

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