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slight increase in bihar’s credit-deposit ratio 

patna,(bihartimes): the credit deposit ratio (cdr) in bihar has reached 39.42 per cent in december 2012. this figure includes loan provided by nabard under the rural infrastructure development fund (ridf).

talking to reporters after presiding over the state-level bankers committee (slbc) meeting here on saturday the deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi said there has been a significant improvement in loan disbursal by the banking institutions during the past few quarters. this has pushed the cdr to 39.42 per cent till december 2012. 

even if one excludes the loans being provided by the nabard under the rural infrastructure development fund (ridf) to the state government, the cdr has grown up at 37.53 per cent, he said.

modi, who is also the finance minister, said at the same time, banking institutions have sanctioned rs 5,218 crore loan from its branches outside bihar for investment in the state that augurs well for the economic development in time to come.

he appreciated the public and private sector banks for achieving 78 per cent of the target set for them in the ongoing financial year and implementation of the state government’s agenda for financial inclusion of the people in remote areas of bihar.

similarly, according to modi, the performance of banks on loan disbursal to the general consumers, agriculture and micro small and medium enterprises (msme) sectors have been satisfactory during the first three quarters of this fiscal.

encouraged by this the state government has increased the next year’s lending target to the banks at about rs 40,000 crore.

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