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sushil modi seeks subsidy in diesel for bihar farmers

patna,(bihartimes): deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi on saturday strongly criticized the incremental hike in diesel prices by the centre and demanded a separate subsidy for bihar farmers in view of their overwhelming dependence on the fuel for farming. 

talking to the mediapersons he said the incremental diesel price hike would break the back of the farmers of bihar and make it difficult for them to sustain their core economic activity in view of their overwhelming dependence on petro-products for farming.

modi, who is also the finance minister of the state, said 90 per cent of farmers of bihar depend on diesel for farming contrary to some other states where the farmers use electricity for bulk of their farm-related works.

he feared that regular hike in diesel prices might work as hurdle in the agriculture growth in bihar.

in such a situation the centre should consider provision for a separate diesel subsidy for the farmers of bihar, he added. 

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