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congress mlc irritates governor by query on ‘appointment rate’ for vcs

patna,(bihartimes): bihar governor devanand konwar was on monday repeatedly interrupted by congress woman mlc, jyoti, during his address to joint session of state legislature over alleged corruption in appointment of vice-chancellors and college principals prompting him to admonish her.

as the governor was addressing the inaugural session, jyoti jumped to her feet and repeatedly asked konwar as to “what was the rate of the vcs’ appointment?” she alleged that rs one crore was demanded for the appointment of principal and rs two crore for vcs.

konwar briefly tried to evade, but as she repeated her ‘query’ several times he lost his cool and said: “you are the only disruptive element present in the house. please take your seat and let other members hear this speech.”.

but the congress mlc continued to do so for several minutes before taking her seat.

however, when the chief minister, nitish kumar, was asked about the incident he said that he could not hear what she was saying.

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