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opposition parties censure nitish govt for press censorship

patna,(bihartimes): after strong indictment of the state government by a fact-finding team of the press council of india (pci), it is the turn of the opposition parties to accuse the nitish government of muzzling the press.
while participating in the debate on the governor’s address in the state assembly the leader of opposition, abdul bari siddiqui, said on tuesday that the nda government is gagging the press and sought a two-hour long debate in the house on the issue.

siddiqui said the state government has been finally put in dock for muzzling the freedom of press and media persons.

he said the pci fact-finding report confirms the arm-twisting of the media organisations by the state government.

the leader of opposition also criticized the state government for providing elaborate security to the vips and asked it to withdraw the same and engage those policemen in dealing with law and order work.
siddiqui referred to deployment of large number of policemen on duty in the cm’s security and said in a lighter vein that if nitish kumar has any security threat, it was there from his allies, especially the gujarat chief minister narendra modi. upon this many members, both of opposition and treasury benches burst into laughter.

then addressing nitish he said if your ally ditches you, it would not be for the first time as the bjp had done the same to the former chief minister karpuri thakur in 1979.

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